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1Indian Valley & Torote CanyonE4AFeb 05T.J. Tischer
2Coyote Mountains to Ancient Canyon Sin NombreE6AFeb 12Stefanie Maio
3Blair ValleyE5BFeb 05Brian Swanson
4Arroyo Tapiado (Mud Caves & Slot Canyons)M3AFeb 05Matt Clapp
5Mountain Palm SpringsM4AFeb 05Eric March
6Pinyon Wash and The Slot #1M5BFeb 05Peggy Goddard
7Pinyon Wash and The Slot #2M5BFeb 12Ellen Greenfield
8Whitewater & Mission Creek PreservesM5BFeb 05Jody Stell
9Dos Cabezas - CANCELLEDM6BFeb 05Bill Swartz
10Calcite Mine and Slots / Coachwhip Canyon Feb 12/13M6BFeb 12Melody Eues
11Mecca Hills Feb 5 & 6M7BFeb 05Jennifer Cost
12Glorietta CanyonM5BFeb 05Rachel Rench
13Culp Valley Primitive CampM5CFeb 05Cary Eskow
14Mecca Hills Slot Canyons Feb 12 & 13M8CFeb 12April Armijo
15Calcite Slot Canyons/Pyramid PeakH8DFeb 05Dan Girard
16Dripping Springs Trail and Cahuilla Mountain H14EFeb 05John Plander