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Trip# 12: Domelands  Grade: H9CDate: 2/3/2024
Leader: Dan GirardAssistant: Greg Hummel
Domelands is probably the coolest and weirdest place in San Diego County. It is located out in the San Diego desert region and contains a vast and varied landscape with treasures galore. We will be exploring slot canyons, mud hills, wind caves, oceanic fossils, dry waterfalls, interesting plants and habitats, and great views. Saturday we will be doing about a 9 mile loop with up to 1500' elevation gain and loss, with some on-trail and some off trail sections, some of which are full body experiences with full hands and feet required to navigate through. We will see fossils, a very cool slot canyon, some futuristic wind caves, and a whole maze of winding canyons and weird geological formations.
Sunday we will be doing a largely off trail hike of about 6 miles and about 1000' of elevation gain and loss, linking up several canyons, some of which get very steep and tight. We will be crossing some very rugged terrain on this trip and will be climbing an 18ft dry waterfall to complete our Sunday loop. This trip is for fit and adventurous individuals with no fear of heights.
At camp we will do some tent tours and get acquainted with gear options. We can have a fire if it's not windy.

Special Outing Requirements: Proper footwear required, trail runners or boots... no sandals or street sneakers.
hiking poles can be good for some parts but not required. Also, it is a semi rough dirt road in spots so high clearance is nice, but not required. Most cars should make it fine but if it's really low or very expensive it's probably not worth the risk.

Water Requirements: 3L Sat, 2L Sun, 2L Camp = 7L total

Outing Requirements:
Filtering Water (water available)
Bouldering/scrambling with BACKPACK
Bouldering/scrambling with DAYPACK
Rocky, rough, uneven terrain
Hiking through thick brush or bushes
4WD vehicle required
High clearance vehicle required
High or 4WD vehicle recommended
Adventure Pass required
Trekking poles recommended/required
Special clothing/gear rcmd./rqd.
GPS use/demo
Night navigation
Backpack loading demo
Gear use/discussion
Evening fire
 MilesGain (ft)Loss (ft)MilesGain (ft)Loss (ft)
Day Hike9150015006900900

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