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Condensed Outings List

7/27/2014  (S9E) Baldy 10064' Via Ski Hut Contact
7/27/2014  (3-B) Mission Bay Sunday Ride
7/27/2014  (4-C-P) Encinitas Express Ride
7/29/2014  (1-A-S) Easy Mission Bay Ride Contact
8/1/2014  (S16E) San Bernardino Peak Contact
8/2/2014  (M3A) Calavera Preserve Morning Hike Contact
8/3/2014  (M10A) La Jolla Shores To Torrey Pines'n Back Contact
8/3/2014  (3-B) North County Sunday Ride
8/3/2014  (H5C) Mt. Mcginty Contact
8/6/2014  (M6C) Cowles Mountain Evening Hike From Mesa Road
8/9/2014  (E4A) Mission Trails Oak Canyon / Grassland Loop Contact
8/9/2014 and 8/10/2014  (M3B) Little Jimmy Trail Camp Contact
8/10/2014  (S16E) San Gorgonio 11490' Via Vivian Creek Contact
8/10/2014  (3-B) North County Sunday Ride
8/10/2014  (4-B-P) Encinitas To San Clemente Jr Express
8/13/2014  (1-A-S) Easy Mission Bay Ride Contact
8/17/2014  (3-B) Mission Bay Sunday Ride
8/17/2014  (4-C-B) Mission Bay To La Costa Express Ride
8/17/2014  (M8B) Balboa Park Romp Contact
8/20/2014  (M5C) Cowles Mountain Big Rock Park Evening Hike
8/24/2014  (V26E) San Gorgonio Via Dollar & Dry Lakes Contact
8/24/2014  (3-B) Mission Bay Sunday Ride Contact
8/24/2014  (4-C-P) Streets Of San Diego Express Ride
8/30/2014  (E5A) Coaster Sat Oceanside Harbor Contact
8/31/2014  (3-B) North County Sunday Ride Contact
8/31/2014  (4-D-P) Utc-Rsf Jr Express Ride
8/31/2014  (M10A) La Jolla Shores To Torrey Pines'n Back Contact
9/7/2014  (S14E) The Three T'S Contact
9/14/2014  (M10B) Tecolote Canyon & Starbuck'S Contact
9/17/2014  (M5C) The Park In The Dark: North Fortuna Loop
9/21/2014  (S17E) San Jacinto Mtn Loop Contact
9/27/2014 and 9/28/2014  (H9E) Fall Weekend Backpack In The San Jacinto Wilderness Contact
9/28/2014  (M8B) Balboa Park Romp Contact
3/8/3014 and 3/9/3014  (M7C) Fishermans Camp Contact

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